The venue for the 8th Annual IRFCA Convention is the Suruchi Sansthan (also known as the Backley Institute), Mughalsarai. This is very close to the Mughalsarai Railway Station.

A couple of photos and map of the area are provided here.

Suruchi Sansthan
Suruchi Sansthan (shaded) in relation to MGS station


  1. How far from the ststion?
    Any land mark?
    MGS is not that difficult to locate, of course.

    Venkat 89 from Madras, 20th 7.45 am

  2. Sir, you can click on the image above to enlarge it. The light shaded area is the convention venue, hardly a couple of hundred metres from the MGS station.

  3. Pl include my son V Krishna Kumar's name in the list frrom Varanasi as a delgate guest.
    I have paid Rs 2500 as fee for him also

    Venkat from Varanasi, 7th 7.31 am