Important Points for Delegates of MGS 2013:

Bus Pick Up points for Delegates at BSB:

The MGS OC is arranging for bus pick up & drop from Varanasi to Mughalsarai and back on the day of convention i.e 9th & 10th February 2013. Delegates are kindly requested to click on the map given below & note down the following information..

Delegates are requested to assemble at the boarding point from their respective hotels on their own atleast 5 minutes before the departure time.

1. First bus will start from Mall Road at 7am.

2. Second bus will start from Chapel Road & Nadesar Road Junction close to Hotel India at 7am.

3. Both the buses will reach common pickup point Chaukaghat. The delegates who are staying near Ghat area will have to come to Chaukaghat to board the bus. Autorickshaws & cycle rickshaws ply from Ghat area to Chaukaghat.

4. For ease of identification, a view-able size print out of 'IRFCA Convention, Mughalsarai' will be pasted on the bus.

5.The buses will reach Chaukaghat pickup point within 5-10 minutes from starting point.

6. The buses then proceed to Mughalsarai.

The Final Delegate List of MGS-2013

S. No. Name Home Shed
1 Amit J Mehta Kalyan
2 Amruta Bhate Mumbai
3 Apurva Bahadur Pune
4 Ashish P. Kuvelkar Pune
5 Ashwin Rao Pune
6 Avishek Basu Kolkata
7 Bhairi Sashi Kanth Secunderabad
8 Bhaskar Roy New Delhi
9 Chechu Chennai
10 Chirag Ganguly Howrah
11 Dheeraj Sanghi Kanpur
12 Dr. Jitendra Mulky Dahanu Road
13 Dr. K. Mudassir Boisar
14 Francis Bosco I Tiruchchirappalli
15 Giriraj Bissa Chennai
16 GK Harisharan Bangalore
17 Gowrisankar Chennai
18 Hemendra Sharma Delhi
19 Indrajeet Rathod Delhi
20 Jatin Bhavsar Pune
21 Jayant P. Ramdasi Karjat
22 K. Kailash Kumar Chennai
23 K.Raghavendra Rao Mumbai
24 Krishnakumar Kannan Chennai
25 Krishnakumar Kannan Chennai
26 KVSS Raghuram Hyderabad
27 Nitin Master Mumbai
28 Pal Bappa Kolkata
29 Pawan Koppa Bangalore
30 Praveen Mumbai
31 Praveen Dusi Bangalore
32 Pravin Sathe Bombay
33 Pulastya Parekh Mumbai
34 Pushkar Joshi Mumbai
35 PVS Praveen Kumar Hyderabad
36 R Harish Kumar Chennai
37 R. Santhosh Kumar Chennai
38 Rahul Bhattacharya New Delhi
39 Rahul Rao Pune
40 Raj Bhavsar Pune
41 Ranjit Pendse Pune
42 Ravi Sundararajan Bangalore
43 Ravi. S Hyderabad
44 Rohit.S Bangalore
45 S.Jayakar Vijayawada
46 Sachin Buddisagar Nasik
47 Sagar Tipnis Thane
48 Sandeep Bhate Mumbai
49 Sathya Narayanan T Bangalore
50 Shirsh D Yande Pune
51 Shishir Jairam Bangalore
52 Souroshankha Maji Calcutta
53 Sridhar Joshi Chennai
54 Trayambak Ojha Kolkata
55 V Srinivasa Prasad Hyderabad
56 Venkataraman S Chennai
57 Venkat Iyer Pune
58 Venkateswaran Anand Bangalore
59 Vivek Mathur Hyderabad
60 Vrijilesh Rai Hyderabad
61 Vyankatesh Pande Pune
61 V Krishna Kumar Chennai
61 Adwait Rajwade .


  1. Where is the list of delegates?

    Venkat 89 from Madras

  2. Sir, the final delegate list has been put up now and your name definitely shows!

  3. Hi ,
    would like to know if there is any registration on venue, as i could not register as i work at sea....
    thank you

  4. My dear Vrij,

    I am asking my son Krishna Kumar, aged 60 yrs, who is in Varanasi to come along with me.
    I have remitted Rs 2500 as fees also as per EFT details scanned and posted.
    I am anxious if it is O.K and if his name is included to avoid disappointment

    Sorry to bother you and it is you who reply fast !!!

    Regards and blessings,

    Venkat 89 from Madras, 29th, 8.35 pm

  5. V. Krishna Kumar,
    my son's name has not
    found a place in the delegates names as a guest.

    My dear Vrij, to please put his name

    Venkat from Madras, 30th 5.29 am

  6. My dear Vrij,

    I am coming wih my son V Krishna Kumar
    I have paid Rs 2500 as guest delegate for him
    Pl ee the EFT paYMENT OR DETAILS.

    Req pl cfm

    Venkat from Varanasi, 7th 7.23 am

  7. Thank you for publishing
    Who os looking and who is taking action

    Venkat from Varanasi

  8. Dear Sir,

    Your son's name has been confirmed on the delegate list.

    Sorry for the delay.

  9. Thank you

    Venkat 89, Varanasi, 7th 10.23 pm