Sunday, February 10, 2013

Quiz Finals

Quiz Finals questions. Post answers as comments.

Final Round: Match the Train with Feature (WAP7 Question)

Round 7: Photographic Memory

EOG5: Identify the station





Round 6: Training Day






Round 5: Once upon a Time






Round 4: Fata Poster Nikli Train



C3: Name the train

C2: Use clues, name train


Round 3: Code breakers






Round 2: Train Sim


A4: Identify the train

A3: Name the train(s) being referenced

A2: Lot of politics. Name the train.

A1: Name the train

Round 1: Boarding Points






WAP5 Question: Connect clues in same order to get answer.


  1. H1: Kachaman (saw it on google) :)

  2. Please enter one comment with all answers. We can have a contest

  3. H2: Motichur
    H4: Margherita
    A1: Brindavan Exp
    A3: Amrita Express
    A5: Ranakpur Express

  4. H2 - Mothichur
    A3 - Andaman Express(?)

  5. B4: MM, GG, SS -> MGS = Mughal Sarai

  6. B1: CGR (Chandannagar)
    B2: Fort
    B3: Named after rivers nearby/passing through them.
    B4: MM(Mahim) GG(Gandhigram) SS(Shirsoli) - MGS (Mughalsarai)

  7. Read koschen carefully. Minor twists to the end in some :) that goes to your attempts Sant Kulk

  8. C5 -
    Tamil - Nilgir Exp (the poster says so)
    Telgu - Circar Exp( The poster says so)
    Am illiterate in Malayalam.

  9. Again, appreciate if you post one comment with all answers.

  10. C5 is cheating. Unfair advantage to people who can understand jalebi languages :(

  11. D2: They were international/border stations

  12. Enuff clues in English too wanderer

  13. D1:
    D2: They were entry territories to Portuguese controlled territory. So there was a chk on all passengers.
    D4: Tis Hazari

  14. EOG1: Hathras
    EOG2: Agartala
    EOG3: Magnesite Junction (didn't Google, honest :))

  15. EOG4: Borraguhalu
    EOG5: Mughalsarai? (random guess)


  16. Eog3:Magnesite Jn.
    EOG4: Borra Caves

  17. E3: Rockfort (Express)
    E4: (HS) Nanded, Sachkhand Express

  18. D4: Tis Hazari
    D1: Bitragunta
    C3: Magadh Express
    A5: Ranakpur Express
    A2: Sampoorna Kranti
    A1: Brindavan Express
    H3: Tilaiya
    E4: Sachkhand Express
    WAP5: Matsyagandha

  19. I know only few answers like bhadohi & maninagar but I have lot of apriciatoons for person who have prepared these question

  20. EOG5: Udhagamandalam or Ooty
    EOG3: Magnesite Jn.
    EOG1: Hathras
    E4: Hazur Saheb Nanded - Sachkand
    E3: Rockfort Express
    D2: Both were border check stations before entry into Goa (Portuguese) and Pondicherry (France)
    D1: Bitragunta
    C3: Amrapali Express
    C2: Pratham Swatantra Senani/Sangram Express
    C1: Frontier Mail - Golden Temple Mail
    B3: Rivers - Godavari, Krishna, Cauvery/Kaveri, Mahanadi, Hoogly, and some other
    B2: Fort: Agra Fort, No Idea, No Idea, Madras Fort, No Idea
    B1: PDY - Puducherry
    H4: Margerita
    H3: Koderma - Jhumri Telaiya
    H2: Motichur

  21. Answers withheld to allow some late entrants to have a go :)

  22. All Answers are here

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